Update on stocks and pending orders :

Hello everyone!

As we've shared with all Kayou pilots on Discord and Instagram, Frames orders are currently on hold since mid-December due to a massive influx of orders. This break allows us to process pending shipment orders within reasonable timeframes and also to step back in the face of the brand's overwhelming success and prepare for the future.We sincerely thank you for your interest and support towards Kayou, as well as your patience, especially for those awaiting their orders. We're doing our best with the resources at hand.

Pending Orders :

They are continuously being processed. If you've been waiting for your Frame for several weeks, don't panic: we're shipping out on a daily basis following the order of arrival. We have large quantities in stock; we just need time to ship everything.

Reopening and Future of Kayou :

We're fully aware that everyone wants to get their frames as soon as possible and that the situation won't be manageable in the long term if we want to meet such demand while maintaining our status as Volunteers/Friends sending out Frames after work. We wanted to let you know that we have been actively working for a few months on expanding Kayou. Administrative processes take time, but we are eager to tell you more and continue sharing our current and future creations in more pleasant conditions for both you and us.

Restock dates are currently unknown and will be communicated on the mentioned networks above, no need to spam us with private messages/emails, lol.

Best regards, The Kayou Team - February 2024


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