Before Contacting Us:

Kayou Frames was founded by pilots for pilots. We are a small team of 3 enthusiasts, with one person handling stocks, 3D printing, and shipping simultaneously. This is neither our main job nor a source of income for any of us.

Please be patient with the responsiveness and timelines of the services we provide; we are doing our best!


If the frame or item you are looking for is out of stock, don't worry; we haven't stopped production. We generally restock once every 1 to 2 months, depending on our availability.

We recommend following us on Kayou's social media to be directly informed about restocks.

  1. Discord
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Shipping Times:

Since we don't work on this full-time, shipping times can vary from 2 to 15 days (orders without 3D printing will be the quickest). If your order is not shipped within 24 hours, don't panic; we haven't forgotten you!


Prioritize Discord to reach us as quickly as possible. The Kayou community might even answer your questions before us.

For any specific inquiries, contact us directly via

Thank you!