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Kayoumini 2.5" - Frame

Technical Characteristics:
  • Carbon T700 3K Toray chamfered
  • Mass: 18g
  • Bottom Plate 3mm
  • Top Plate 2mm
Mounting characteristics:
  • 25.5 M2 (1 AIO or AIO + VTX stacked)
  • 20x20 M2
Accessories :
Documentation :

Please note that TPUs are NOT included with the frame. Find them for sale separately on the site or for free on Printables for those who have a printer.


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Aka "the Pebble", a Kayou in Mini format! This frame has been designed to reproduce as faithfully as possible the flight feeling and the throttle curve of a miniature 5" Freestyle quad. It is the ideal solution for ripping parks or gardens in complete discretion.

Recommended setup :

  1. 1103 8000kv motors
  2. AIO 2s 12A (or equivalent) with integrated Rx + VTX if Analog
  3. Lipo 2s 300-450mAh

More informations on the Printables page.

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