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Kayouloin 7" - Frame

Technical Specifications:
  • High Quality T700 3K Toray chamfered Carbon
  • Hex M3 Steel 12.9 graded screws
  • Custom high quality Aluminium standoffs
  • 3mm Top Plate
  • 3mm Middle Plate
  • 3mm Bottom Plate
  • 2mm Cam Plates
  • 8mm arms
Mounting specifications:
  • 30x30 Main stack,
  • Rear stack in 30*30, 25.5*25.5 and 20*20, fits the Caddx Vista, Air Unit O3, Walksnail, etc,
  • Long Deck to carry large batteries, plenty of room for electronics.
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Introducing the Kayouloin. Designed for Freeride and Mountain Surfing, a 7" frame with amazing flight performances.

Whether you're into long-range cruising or seeking thrilling speeds, this is the Frame you're looking for.

Important points :

  1. Squished X geometry for maximum stability compared to a Deadcat, no props in view on the GoPro over a 25 degrees tilt.
  2. 8mm arms, 3mm plates, high vibration tolerance,
  3. Quickly interchangeable arms (Independent of your stack, all identicals),
 KayouGang recommended setup :

  1. Motors: 2806-2807 1300-1500kv
  2. Lipo: 6s 1300-4000mAh
  3. Liion: 6s1p 21700
  4. Stack 30x30 classic, we recommend a 50A minimum rated ESC.
  5. VTX: 30*30, 25.5*25.5 and 20*20, we recommend 800mW to have an interesting range.





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