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Kayoudur 5" - Frame

Frame Specifications :
  • High Quality T700 3K Toray Carbon
  • Torx M3 10.9 graded Steele Screw set
  • Weight 159g
  • 3mm Top Plate
  • 3mm Middle Plate
  • 3mm Bottom Plate
  • 6mm Arms
Build Specifications :
  • Main 30x30 Stack
  • Back 20x20 Stack
  • Micro Sized FPV Cam (Standard, Caddx Ratel/Vista)
  • Compatible 20x20 VTX/Caddx Vista
  • NON compatible DJI Air Unit/30x30 VTX.
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Never break again. That's why the "Kayoudur" frame project came to life.

With the rising prices of components we need something reliable to minimize breaking risks, this gave birth to this ultimate bando killer frame.

Important points :

  1. 6*12mm thick arms,
  2. 3mm top and bottom plates, no cuts.
  3. Quickly interchangeable arms (Independent of your stack, symmetrical)
  4. "Cake Slice" arms as we like to call them, higher motor bell protection,
  5. Double Bottom Plate, easy fixing,
  6. TPU FPV cam mount, reduce jello and damages on a frontal impact.
  7. Straps cuts, because we love it.

Freestyle setup recommended by the KayouGang :

  1. 2306/2207 1700-1950kv motors
  2. 6s 1100-1300mAh Lipo
  3. 30x30 classic stack
  4. 20x20 VTX, Caddx Vista / Rush Tank Mini or equivalent.
  5. Caddx Vista / Caddx Ratel v2 

Flight footage :